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Julie Clark

Office Administrator & Communications



I joined the Infinity Wealth Management Group a year and half ago. I have truly enjoyed working with these wonderful advisors and helping our customers. I am very blessed to have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband who I...

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Larry Roemer

LPL Financial Advisor



Since 1995, my clients and strategic partners receive personalized solutions when we first identify what financial planning gaps and risks exist. Then options to close the gaps and minimize the risks are discussed.

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Steven Julian

LPL Financial Advisor



I have been blessed to serve individuals and businesses with their financial journeys since 2007. I am blessed with a wonderful family that includes three boys and a wife that truly is my better half. I am honored to serve my clients...

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Deric Governale

LPL Financial Advisor



Gwinnett County has been home to my wife Jennifer, and three children, Lauren, Carter, and Hunter for over 40 years now. What a great place to raise a family and be a part of such a vibrant community. I've had the privilege of coaching...

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Paul Belcher

LPL Financial Advisor



Paul Belcher has been in the Financial Services business since 1985 and has worked with individuals and small businesses to increase their bottom line by reducing unnecessary taxes, business expenses, and risks. He has also helped them...

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Through Serving We Believe We Can 
Work Together..... Learn Always..... Pursue Results

We are here to SERVE - Let us know how we can help you take the first step, the next step or plan for the last steps of your financial journey.

WORK TOGETHER - We believe that you are looking to WORK WITH someone to help you on your financial journey.  We want to help you BUILD A TEAM to win your financial journey.

LEARN ALWAYS - We believe our job is to teach what we know and listen and learn from what our clients know.  We believe history and current trends will help us make the best investment decisions with our clients.

PURSUE RESULTS - Everyone has different goals they are trying to achieve.  If we can help you down the road of your financial journey then we have served you well.