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Live Well – Episode 3 (September 26, 2018)

Welcome to the 3rd episode of “Live Well”. Follow the journey of Mike and Tracy as they continue their trek to better health with the help of two experts: Health and wellness coach Stephanie Wolfe and personal trainer DeWitte Thompson.

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Natasha Lisin with Smile Creations Dental, Ashley Lail with Benco Dental, and Vonya & Kareem Hodrick with WellSource Integrative Health Solutions

Proudly in 2018, WellSource has been developed to service the residents of throughout the Atlanta area and the online community to provide transformative health and wellness serves through professional coaching strategies, leadership programs and educational workshops. Wellsource facilitates coaching sessions through a Holistic Integrative Model emphasizing the nine dimensions of wellness: Environmental, Spiritual, Financial, Social, Purpose, Occupational, Intellectual, Emotional and Physical.

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